Policeman shoots youth in Karachi

Karachi (19th Oct, 2019): A cop of Karachi Police has been detained for shooting a young man.

The youth was shot in the leg and immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

He told the investigation officer that he was parking his bike when the policeman, named as Fawad, came towards him and pointed a pistol to his head. He lowered the pistol with his hand and the policeman accidentally fired it and he was shot in the leg.

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He claimed that the Cop of Karachi Police was intoxicated at the time.

The area residents then came for  the wounded man’s defence and surrounded the policeman. They called the police emergency and handed him over to them.

A person said that this isn’t the first time Fawad has been caught doing illegal act. He is usually drunk and he takes money from area residents and harasses them.

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