Polish Those Old School Etiquette

Saying words like “Please, Thank you, Sorry and Excuse me” should never go out of fashion.

How seldom is it that we see a younger person giving his/her seat to an elder entering a room?

In a world where using cellular phones as basic communication is usual behavior, we are getting more inclined towards the language of Emojis and abbreviations resulting in the loss of usage of proper speech.

Not so quite long ago, we would talk to people to ask about the weather or to find out how tall Brad Pitt is, we would make communication through proper mannered talking but, now a simple IDK (I Don’t know) or LOL (Laugh Out Loud) is considered the answer to many questions.

If this is how we are supposed to carry on then it’s sad to say that the old school manners and etiquettes are fading away.


Although these methods make our lives easier and faster, in my opinion a good behavior is what makes a difference among us.

There are some common etiquettes that I want to list, which are really missing from our day-to-day lives and are only found in books more and more. However, there still are some people that prefer using good conduct and carry them in decorum, which is worth noticing. The part being missed in this Hi-Tech era is to carry forward and pass on such manners so, that our children can learn and act upon them.

How many of you still see people opening a door for someone? Or how many of you do that for others around you? If the answer is ‘none’ then there is a lack of good behavior. If one of us takes the initiative of a good deed then others follow footsteps, out of ten people maybe one gets inspired from you. So keep doing your part. Continue to be positive and exemplary.

Last week I had a chance to visit a classroom full of teenage girls, was I expecting well-mannered girls? The answer is yes! Perhaps as a parent myself or because of the school being one of the top-tier educational institutes but, sadly to my sight, the first thing I noticed was their lack of attention to what their teacher was telling them.

This is what I notice frequently, that when one is talking the one listening is not paying full attention. By the law of good manners, the person listening should make full eye contact with the one who is talking.

This is the way of giving respect to the one you’re listening to.

Although these devices have made us less emotional and less receptive but, can we be a civilized human despite having a phone in our hand? In my opinion, we can.

How you behave in the privacy of your home is often different from how you behave publicly. Talking or yelling loudly, spitting on sidewalks, littering, playing loud music, swearing or cutting ahead of others in lines are all considered to be discourteous behaviors.

If you travel abroad, you must also follow the codes of conduct observed by other cultures.

Consider your physical appearance as well, dressing inappropriately or smelling badly are not the trademarks of a well-bred person. Irrespective of your age, education or social status, modesty and cleanliness is always in fashion.

Try to be the one who uses courteous words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ often, though they may seem conservative or formal but, they still carry a lot of meaning in them. You are showing respect and care to others around you by using these basic etiquettes.

Try to give your seat to someone who is elder to you or is needy, get up to greet people, or say a simple and pleasant ‘hello’ to acknowledge another’s presence, talk courteously to others and there is so much more that you can do.

If we want to create a society consisting of well-bred individuals, then we should conduct ourselves in a well behaved manner.

Remember: Treat others the way you want to be treated.


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