Political Activist Amber Danish joins BAAGHI TV

Hailing from the metropolitan city of Karachi, 35-year-old Amber Danish is a popular social media activist who talks about the current political affairs of the country.

Amber Danish rose to fame on social media channels through her short vlogs with in-depth analyses of various political and social issues plaguing Pakistan right now.

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Her focus, however, remains on the economic, social, and political mandate of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest revenue-generating city. Amber Danish has over the past few years endeavored to raise awareness amongst the citizens of Karachi on their rights, their contribution to the country’s tax net, and the returns they receive in comparison. Her approach to current affairs is very solution-centric, where she advocates the empowerment of the local government and a breakdown of traditional, non-effective governing structures of Karachi – a city that has over the years seen exponential deterioration. Her opinions are known to be well-researched, based on facts, and are unbiased.

Political Activist Amber Danish joins BAAGHI TV | Baaghi TV

Amber Danish claims to not be affiliated with any political party at the moment. In contrast, she has remained in touch with all the prevalent political parties working in Karachi, in an attempt to unite them for a greater cause and bring the common man’s voice to the authorities that can stimulate a real change in the city of Karachi, which is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy.

Amber Danish joins Baaghi TV as an expert analyst and will do shows regularly on Baaghi that focus on Karachi, Hyderabad, and their residents. We welcome her aboard.

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