Polling for Indian presidential election concludes

Polling for the election of the president of India concluded on Monday by 5pm at 30 polling stations across state Assemblies and in room number 63 of the Parliament House in New Delhi, registering a voter turnout of 99.12%, according to the Election Commission (EC).

Among the two candidates in the fray, the NDA’s Droupadi Murmu was supported by 44 political parties and has a clear edge over the Opposition’s Yashwant Sinha, who is supported by 34 political parties officially.

A day before the election, Murmu described her nomination as a historic moment that has made her tribal community, especially its women, “utsahit” (excited).

Sinha appealed days before the elections to all MLAs and MPs to vote “according to the Constitution and their conscience this time” and said that “only one side wants to protect the provisions and values enshrined in the Constitution”. Remarking that democracy stood “ruined” in India, Sinha said, “This year the presidential election is not a contest between two individuals but two ideologies.”