Possibility of war between Russia-Ukraine: Who is mightier?

Lahore: Ukraine’s borders are under intense pressure at the moment and there are reports that the United States (US) and its allies are pushing Ukraine into war in order to weaken Russia’s military might. In that case, the war could turn into a world war if NATO and other forces take the field.

At a time when tensions are running high on both sides, defense experts have begun estimating the strength of military forces between Russia and Ukraine. In this regard, the latest comparative review has been presented. According to the latest reports, the number of regular troops of Russia is more than nine million, while the number of armed forces of Ukraine is up to two hundred and nine thousand.

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According to defense experts, Russia will receive 2 million troops in the form of reserve forces. Ukraine, on the other hand, will receive only 900,000 troops. Russia has 7,571 artillery pieces, while Ukraine has 2,040, according to details released by defense experts. In addition, Russia has 30,122 military vehicles, while Ukraine has 12,303. Russia has 12,420 such tanks, while Ukraine has only 2,596.

Possibility of war between Russia-Ukraine: Who is mightier? | Baaghi TV

According to defense experts, Russia has 544 combat helicopters, while Ukraine has only 34. Russia has 1,511 fighter jets, while Ukraine has only 98.

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Meanwhile, Russia’s annual defense budget is over 61 billion, while Ukraine’s defense budget is over 8 billion. In that sense, it is possible Ukraine would be unable to compete with Russia. But the same power appears to be growing in comparison to Russia when Russia’s opposition forces namely the United States, NATO, and other allies are supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine. According to reports, these forces want a confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, so that Russia’s military might can come to an end.

In that case, China will be the biggest power in front of the United States, and dealing with China will be easier for the United States and its allies.

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