PPP insulted by receiving show cause notices, Zardari does not insult anyone nor will he tolerate it: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: PPP was insulted by receiving show cause notice, Asif Zardari does not insult or tolerate anyone.

According to reports, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that the way PDM has sent a show cause notice to PPP, it is very insulting. He said that the way PML-N has done this, no landlord does it with his farm.

According to sources, in an interview with a private TV channel, he said that he was lucky to have an opposition like the PML-N. PMLN has become a non-partisan party as they talk like a Non-parliamentary talks.

Answering a question, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that this opposition could not harm Imran Khan. The only challenge we have is inflation, which we will improve.

Talking about Daska elections, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan got a lot of votes in this by-election, now the next PML-N in Punjab will compete with PTI.

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