Pregnant woman in India gang-raped, husband beaten up

A pregnant woman was allegedly gang-raped by three men at a railway station, the Hindustan Times reported.

Among the three accused rapists was a minor as well. The group assaulted the husband and forced the woman at a railway station in Repalle town.

The accused were arrested, reported Bapatla district Superintendent of Police Vakul Jindal.

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The couple, migrant farmworkers, reached Repalle railway station by train to a village in the neighbouring Krishna district around 11:30 PM.

While they were sleeping on the platform, three drunk men jarred the husband awake and inquired about the time.

The husband did not respond.

“The assailants then beat him up and snatched INR 750 in cash from him. They hit the woman as well and sexually assaulted her,” the SP told reporters.

The husband quickly ran to the police station for help and the victim was rushed to a community health centre for treatment.

The police took help from a sniffer dog that led them to the assailants.

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“Based on the clue, we further investigated and traced the assailants to a locality in Repalle, where they were arrested this afternoon,” the SP told reporters.

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