Premier Sharif visits CPEC project site

BALOCHISTAN: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif while visiting a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project site in Balochistan, encountered a Chinese official who told the premier that despite there being an abundance of funds, the previous government could not complete this project during its four years in office. 

The Prime Minister told the Chinese official that this is sheer injustice. Before leaving, the premier reassured the CPEC official and stated that, “sorry, we will complete it (the project)”.

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Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Jawad Ahmed shared a video of the incident and wrote, “money was there Ahsan Iqbal founded the project but Niazi and his unqualified team could not take forward this important project of CPEC”.

Journalist Saleem Safi reacted to the video in a tweet and wrote that, “listen to a Chinese friend’s verbal words about how Imran Khan treated CPEC and now these people (PTI) are pretending that his government has been ousted by the United States”.

Saleem Safi questioned, “what could be a greater service to the United States than treating CPEC with such indifference?” He lamented that alas is on the wisdom of those who consider Imran Khan to be an opponent of the United States.