President Alvi refuses to take oaths from cabinet members

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi Saturday excused himself excused himself from administrating oaths to the federal cabinet members, following which the ceremony has been postponed, said sources.

According to sources, in the absence of President Arif Alvi, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarani will administer the oaths to the members of the federal cabinet.

Meanwhile, sources in the president’s house stated that the oath-taking ceremony is likely to take place tomorrow (Tuesday) or the day after tomorrow (Wednesday).

President Alvi complains of ‘discomfort’ hours before PM’s oath-taking

The federal cabinet was scheduled to administer the oaths tonight at 8:30 pm, however, when the prime minister’s office contacted the president’s office, Alvi refused to administer the oaths.

Earlier, during an informal conversation with journalists, PPP leader Khurshid Shah revealed that the PML-N have the majority in the cabinet with 14 ministries. The PPP will have 11, and the JUI-F will be given four ministries.  Meanwhile, the rest of the seven positions will be allotted to other allies.

According to sources, the following is the list of the party-wise divisions of ministries:

  • Ministry of Climate Change — PPP
  • Aviation Division — PML-N
  • Commerce and Trade Ministry — PPP
  • Ministry of Communications — JUI-F
  • Ministry of Defence — PML-N
  • Ministry of Defence Production — BAP
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs — PML-N
  • Ministry of Education — BNP-M
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs — PPP
  • Ministry of Human Rights — PPP
  • Ministry of Housing — JUI-F
  • Ministry of Industries and Production — PPP
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting — PML-N
  • Ministry of Information and Technology — MQM-P
  • Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs — PML-N
  • Ministry of Energy — PML-N
  • Ministry of Special Initiatives, Planning, and Development — PML-N
  • Petroleum Division — PML-N
  • Ministry of Poverty Alleviation — PPP
  • Ministry of Privatisation — PPP
  • Ministry of Railways — PML-N
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony — PML-N
  • Ministry of SAFFRON — PML-N
  • Ministry of Science and Technology — BAP
  • Ministry of Water Resources — PPP

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