Presiding Houses of Parliament Impartial to Party Agenda

In democracies, those presiding Houses of parliament are impartial and not supposed to push their party agenda. It doesn’t make any difference if Sanjrani is removed to bring in any Tom, Dick or Harry. Nobody is threatened -yet the opposition considers this the biggest threat to Imran Khan’s government. No hell is going to let loose if the Senate chairman is changed. US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat but she’s not a threat to Trump. John Bercow ruled against the PM for disallowing third vote on her Brexit deal.

Either the opposition is ignorant about the dynamics of democracy or their bandoliers are filled with peanuts. Their proposed threat of strike on 26th July, being the anniversary of elections, is a desperate and unimaginative proposal because they have not spelt out the mechanics of the strike. Operation Wheel Jam of PNA against Bhutto had specifics. Hot weather of July may not offer common man a Costa Del Sol environment for a protest- and that too on alleged rigging that happened last year!

Majority of the leaders of this movement are rejected by the people in the last elections and barring some with religious following- the rest are bereft of followers. PTI protested vociferously against the rigging in certain constituencies during 2013 but they went to town with it by filing petitions and seeking specific rigging probe. Not a single election petition has been filed by any of the leaders who lost their elections last year. They are political rejects and no rejects have ever garner support of the even illiterate masses to rise for them.


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