Priyanka Chopra Gets Bashed By A Pakistani Reporter.

At an international event Priyanka Chopra was asked a question by Pakistani girl, Ayesha Malik. She asked that being an UN ambassador of peace how can she encourage nuclear war between Pakistan and India. She went on saying that we Pakistani help you in your business and you encourage war, she was not able to complete her question as the security snatched the mic from her. Priyanka was shock at this and couldn’t gather words to answer her and went on with bogus replies. Priyanka said she is not a war supporter but a patriot. But all this time she got faded.

Ayesha was appreciated for her courage and speaking out. Later she posted a video of the security misbehaving with her.
Previously Armeena Rana Khan had spoke about it and said that Priyanka doesn’t not deserve to be an ambassador of peace. She also supported Ayesha. Mansha Pasha also came up for Ayesha ‘s support.

Most of the Pakistanis are bashing Priyanka that she wasn’t being able to give a proper response whereas Indians being as usual took it as she has won the entire world.

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