Protection of transgender rights urged

ISLAMABAD, Oct 1 (APP):Civil Society representatives on Tuesday urged for protection of transgender rights for making them useful citizens of the society.

According to them, lives of transgender people are marked with poverty, harassment and other intolerable issues in a society. Nayab Ali, a social activist said transgenders are facing various psychological issues due to rejection or not having supportive attitude in thee society.

She said “They are human beings and they need support and help as required by everyone among us. “Salma Naseer, another social worker said that undoubtedly, respecting the transgender people will resolve the multifaceted problems of the community.She said that the community still faces stigma due to mentally ill, socially deviant and harassment.

Unfortunately, people don’t have knowledge about dealing with these stressed community and multiplied their issues.

She urged collective efforts to recognize and help the community resolve their genuine issues and to ensure the protection of the community.

Sana Ali, working on the rights of transgender, said due to limited job opportunities they live a tough life and ultimately they choose bagging.

Moreover, it has mentioned that the transgender will be allowed to obtain driving license, harassment of the transgenders will be prohibited, safe houses will be built by the government for the transgender people and provision of loans to start small businesses are among the other issues to be addressed through implementation of the bill.

She said that recent achievement of the community in the form of the passage of the ‘Transgender Persons Bill 2017’ has brought a ray of hope to the community.

When contacted an official of the Ministry of Human Rights said that the bill can reduce many basic issues of the community.

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