Imran Khan says PTI recevies foreing funding as per law

Former prime minister Imran Khan, in a video address to his party workers’ protest gathering against ECP’s decision on PTI, prohibited foreign funding, vowed to continue his fight against what he called ‘imported government’ and announced ruling coalition tactics could not shatter his aims.

He reiterated his allegations that the ruling parties joined their hands to topple his party rule under a foreign plot.

Imran Khan said PTI received foreign funding as per the law including from the Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Group who arranged cricket matches followed by dinners to raise funds.

Responding to all the allegations against him and his party today, the PTI chief said that his party had received money in 2012 from two fundraising dinners that Arif Naqvi had organised.

Referring to the Financial Times’ report, he clarified that the businessman was charged with fraud six years later in 2018 and questioned how he could have known about that in 2012.

Imran added that there was nothing wrong with the PTI receiving money from a foreign company of Naqvi in 2012 since it was still allowed at the time, adding that it only became illegal later in 2017.

 Protest against ECP: PTI opts F9 Park over barricade ‘Red Zone’ on Sana’s warning

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has changed its venue of protest from outside the ECP building to F9 Park after seeing ‘barricade Red Zone’ on Interior Minister Rana Asmatullah’s warning that PTI workers to be arrested if tried to enter no-entry Red Zone.

Moreover, PTI MNAs including Shibli Faraz crossed barbed wired on Constitutional Avenue and clashes with Police to reach outside the ECP building Thursday.

ICP administration also rejected PTI’s application to hold a protest at Nadra Chowk, Islamabad.

PTI supremo Imran Khan said, “Today I am calling all our people to come out in peaceful public protest against CEC & ECP in F9 Park at 6 pm. I will be addressing the gathering between 7:00 – 7:30 pm.”

”CEC and ECP in cahoots with imported govt conspired to try a technical knockout against PTI after PMLN got routed in Punjab bye-elections despite the support of entire state machinery & ECP shenanigans”

“Now they are cowering in fear about the same happening to the entire PDM in General Elections.”

ICT Police have already blocked all five routes leading to the federal capital’s Red Zone and placed containers wall on them on the orders of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

Police, Rangers, and the district administration have been deployed and directed to ensure that none of the protestors enter the Red Zone.