Protests in port city cause flights delays, trouble passengers

Ongoing protests and road closures in different areas of Karachi severely affected PIA operations.

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According to reports of Baaghi TV, due to heavy traffic on the routes of Karachi Airport, passengers and staff face difficulty in reaching. Numerous flights departing from Karachi have been canceled or delayed. Additionally, cancellation or delay of flights from Karachi, has also affected other domestic flights.

Karachi and Islamabad flights PK368 and PK369 have been canceled. Karachi and Lahore flights PK304 and PK305 canceled.

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Flights PK308 and PK309 to Karachi and Islamabad will be delayed by two hours. PK308 will depart at 6 pm with a delay and PK309 will take off at 9 pm.

Karachi to Peshawar PK350 and Karachi to Faisalabad PK340 will leave at 6 pm with delay.

Flight PK213 from Karachi to Dubai will also depart an hour and a half late.

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Spokesperson Abdullah Khan said, “All passengers are requested to contact Flight Inquiry or PIA Call Center for timely information”.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, “Make time to leave your home for flights and stay in touch with the call center 786 786 111”, PIA spokesman.

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