PSL in a bleak position after PCB’s new move

Lahore, 1st January: Cancellation of contracts with PSL franchise raises questions over the future of cricket in Pakistan.

According to a Baaghi TV report, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has cancelled its contract with all PSL franchises.

According to sources, PCB yesterday terminated all contracts with all Franchises of PSL.

In a blatant move, the PCB that has fleeced the franchisees over the years terminated all contracts, which means the future of PSL and cricket is very bleak in the country now.

The greed of PCB officials drawing huge salaries and perks has no ends as they continue to ransack the emerging talent and the promoters with it.

The world of cricket has acknowledged that while cricket is already facing problems due to the coronavirus pandemic, events like the PSL have been heartening even in these circumstances.

According to sources, all these steps are being taken only because of the greed of a few people from the PCB, who are already taking very heavy compensation and reaping extraordinary benefits from the institution.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan should take note of the fact that he himself is a sportsperson who understands the nuances of these matters. The concerned authorities must take action on this. 

Action must be taken against them. Because wasting such an event now to bring out the young talent and promote cricket would be tantamount to darkening the future of cricket.

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