PTA appeals to YouTube to revive Dr. Israr Ahmed’s channel

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has appealed to YouTube to reconsider its decision regarding the recent ban on a YouTube channel run by the late Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Foundation.

PTA reportedly informed YouTube officials that the unilateral closure of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s YouTube channel, a prominent Muslim scholar, raises questions about the arbitrary limits of online expression. The PTA said that Dr. Israr Ahmed’s videos were aired on the said channel in an attempt to shed light on the socio-economic concepts presented in the Holy Quran. The purpose of these videos was simply to inform the viewers about Islam.

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On the other hand, an online petition has been launched for the revival of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s YouTube channel asking for up to 2,500,000 votes, in which so far more than 13,000 people have signed up and demanded the restoration of the channel. It should be noted that YouTube had decided to shut down the channel after various reports against Dr. Israr Ahmed were published in the London-based Jewish weekly newspaper, Jewish Chronicle. According to which, the videos aired on this channel contained hateful material related to Jews.

It is pertinent to note that Dr. Israr Ahmed’s channel had about 3 million subscribers, with his lectures having been appreciated by a large number of people living in Western countries.

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The channel, run by Dr. Israr Ahmed’s son, used to broadcast recordings of old speeches by the late religious scholar. These videos contained his thoughts concerning the end of the world (Day of Judgement) and the role of Jews in history, in the light of Quranic verses.

Amir Shujauddin Sheikh of Tanzeem-e-Islami founded by Dr. Israr Ahmed strongly condemned the closure of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s official YouTube channel, calling it the worst form of Islamophobia. Sheikh said that the channel has millions of subscribers and users. It is a world-renowned channel that used to catch the eye of anti-Islamic forces.

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In response to this shameful act of Islamophobia, the Islamic Organization has launched a full-fledged litigation through the relevant platforms. Moreover, a student of Dr. Israr Ahmed called the move by YouTube ‘a violation of freedom of expression’ by the West. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza said in a video broadcast on his YouTube channel that the move shows the double standards of the West. They acted solely on the complaints of Jewish groups without listening to the other side.

Complaints filed on YouTube raised fears that Dr. Israr Ahmed’s preaching could incite violence against Jews in the West by Muslims.

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