PTA put ban on ZONG 5G advertisement poster


Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ask zong  to stop advertising 5G.PTA clearly Zong is not authorised to offer commercial mobile services based on 5G technology in Pakistan.

According to details zong a Chinese mobile company recently announced that zong becomes first Pakistani cellular company to test 5G and after that zong was promoting his 5G poster on electronic and print media.PTA ask zong to remove 5G poster from advertisement.PTA explain purpose of removing 5G poster is not to mislead the public regarding availability of commercial services based on 5G network.

Earlier PTA informed senate standing committee on communication and technology that zong approached PTA for 5G test and PTA approved their application.PTA explain that this test was conducted by CM pak limited and it was a site test not network test so that’s why PTA asked zong to remove their 5G poster.PTA Member Dr khabar Siddiqui khokhar said that 5G technology had not been commercially introduced Zong was not authorized to do so.


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