PTCL considered ‘worst’ broadband service by public opinion

PTCL Broadband is the only network in the world that is earning millions of rupees despite the slowest service around the clock. Notice on consumer complaints is delayed for days due to this, PTCL Broadband users are disappointed with its bad service.

Pakistan’s largest broadband network company PTCL is providing the worst service instead of getting better despite going into private hands. The service provided by PTCL Broadband can undoubtedly be considered the worst and slowest internet service in the world. In this regard, journalist Malik Ramzan Isra, while sharing his experience, said: “I got tired of mobile device and sims internet and got PTCL connection for better network speed but, coming to PTCL it turns out that this is the slowest network”.

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Malik Ramzan Isra added: “I used to get much cheaper service in comparison to PTCL, like my mobile package is 1000 rupees but here my monthly bill is around 3000 rupees. But the speed is not the same and the connectivity is also bad as it continuously disrupts work due to the network being constantly down, which causes a lot of inconveniences. When you contact PTCL staff to complain about it, they don’t pick up the phone for 3, or 4 days. And even if they pick up the phone after that, they don’t solve the problem for another three to six days”.

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Malik Ramzan Isra said that I would like to file a case against this company in the court because they are earning crores of rupees by giving the most expensive net, but despite this, not only the speed is worse, but also the efficiency of the staff is worst. He said that he had called many times and complained on the Twitter account too, but after a week, the problem remained yet PTCL customer service called that your problem has been solved”.

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