PTI actively ‘lobbying’ to reset ties with Biden administration?


It seems anti-American and the anti-Biden administration rhetoric of PTI chairman Imran Khan has been fading with each passing day by his own party policies and statements.
In the latest development, there are reports that PTI wanted to reset ties with the U.S.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Dr. Abdullah Riaz has been working as Secretary of the Office of International Chapters (OIC) since Feb 2019.
Reports claimed he has been actively lobbying to reset ties between PTI and the U.S. administration.
The then PTI Secretary General Arshad Dad had issued a notification of Dr. Abdullah Riar’s appointment as the Secretary of PTI OIC with the approval of the Chairman PTI Imran Khan.
“Dr. Abdullah Riar is hereby appointed, with the approval of the Chairman as Secretary Office of International Chapters (OIC) with immediate effect,” said the notification.
Abdullah Riar extended gratitude towards Chairman PTI Imran Khan and Secretary-General Arshad Dad for assigning him an important responsibility.
The secretary of PTI OIC said that he would organize and mobilize workers around the world in the light of the vision of Imran Khan.
PTI had alleged that a conspiracy removed them from power only after Donald Lu, a top U.S. diplomat, had used undiplomatic language to threaten the Imran Khan government in the wake of the no-confidence motion.
PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan had repeatedly maintained in his speeches, “When I saw the cipher [allegedly given to then Pakistani ambassador Asad Majeed Khan by US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu], I read it three times. It was mentioned that it was Imran Khan’s decision to visit Russia. Our diplomat tried to convince us that it was a collective decision, but the US representative insisted that it was not.”