PTI International Media Coordination Department Dissolved With Immediate Effect

Lahore (22nd Aug, 2019): Baaghi TV has just learned through a very reliable source, that the newly formed International Media Department for the PTI has been dissolved with immediate effect.

This was specially formed merely two days ago. Now, the news is that this International Media Department stands no more. Anila Khawaja who was appointed as the Head of International Media Coordination has been informally communicated about the decision. Baaghi learned that within PTI there are growing rifts and members are scrambling for various jobs in the Government.

Many seniors and stalwarts within the party grovel about this attitude and continuously raise fears of a very tough and hard time in the local bodies elections. Though they are at present delayed and no date has been given for them yet.

Talking to Baaghi on condition of anonymity a source within the Prime Minister’s Secretariat confirmed that, “this department stands no more.” According to the source it was never official and; “as the Prime Minister is the head of the Government his media affairs must be handled by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and not a political party.”

Reportedly, this afternoon Ms. Khawaja did not attend two official meetings as she was informed over the phone about the latest development. Baaghi TV tried to contact and get her version of the story and when Anila Khawaja was contacted by Baaghi TV but she declined to comment.

At present neither Ms. Anila Khawa is available nor a spokesperson of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to confirm or deny the news, yet Baaghi TV sources are confident that, it is a matter of time before this “de-notification” becomes official.


Stay tuned to Baaghi for more updates on the matter.

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