PTI worker apologizes for making anti-army remarks

A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) worker released a video message on his official Twitter handle in which he publicly apologized for posting tweets which were against the Pakistan Army. 

Pervaiz Ghulam Rasool claimed that he did not post the tweets intentionally but rather was influenced by the PTI’s propaganda campaign on social media platforms and Chairman Imran Khan’s speeches against the army.

“After listening to Khan sahib’s speeches and following the PTI media cell’s trends on social media, I came under their influence and posted tweets which were against the Pakistan army and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS)” Pervaiz Ghulam Rasool said.

Rasool said that he sincerely apologizes to the honorable army of Pakistan and the COAS. He added that everday, the Pakistan Army soldiers lay down their lives for this country, and it is thanks to their valor and sacrifices that Pakistan is safe and sound today.

Meanwhile, it has surfaced that PTI’s student organization, the Insaf Student Federation (ISF) had named Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani, a 17-year old teenager, as senior deputy convener for district Jhelum. The official notification of the ISF Rawalpindi division is attached.

Kiyani was part of a disinformation and fake news campaign which targeted specific political parties, their leaders and television journalists.

However, Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani was later disowned in a tweet by PTI’s official media cell on Twitter, which posted a screenshot of Kiyani’s account and another account of a PTI supporter, and proclaimed that “these two accounts have nothing to do with the PTI official team”.  The link of the said tweet is attached below.

The tweet then went on as: “We have zero tolerance about such accounts that spew hatred. Zero tolerance on national tragedies being used to create division. Such accounts will be blocked by PTI official.”

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