PTI workers skirmish with police during nationwide rallies against Imran Khan’s attack

The PTI has initiated nationwide rallies in response to the assault on party chairman Imran Khan.

Earlier, the party leaders stated nationwide rallies would commence after Friday prayers.

The party is holding demonstrations in key cities throughout Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Malakand, Rajanpur, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, and Kohat.

Protests in twin cities go violent

Khan’s followers are also demonstrating at the Faizabad Interchange in Rawalpindi about the murder attempt against him the day before.

Islamabad Police has sporadically fired tear gas shells to disperse nearby protestors who have engaged in stone-throwing against police and Frontier Corps personnel (FC). In the interim, Islamabad Police and FC have arrested several PTI employees in Islamabad. Rawalpindi’s Murree Road has been closed to traffic.

Islamabad Police utilized Twitter to educate the people about the situation in the twin cities. Earlier, demonstrators stopped both sides of Rawalpindi’s GT Road, disrupting traffic in the area. After employees in Rawat concluded their protests, the GT Road was reopened to traffic. In contrast, PTI’s female employees left after protesting at the National Press Club.

Predicament in Lahore

In Lahore, there were protests against the federal administration. Before the police’s arrival, PTI employees and supporters vandalized public property outside the Governor House’s entrance on Lahore’s Mall Road, causing a traffic bottleneck before halting the demonstration.

Earlier, some PTI supporters leaped the Governor House’s gate while brandishing PTI flags and placing them on the gate. In contrast, others attempted to breach law enforcement-erected trespassing obstacles. Earlier, attorneys from the Insaf Lawyer’s Forum also assembled at the location.

Demonstrations have hampered traffic at Lahore’s Thokar Niaz Baig, Shahdara Chowk, and GPO crossroads on Mall Road.

PTI workers have blocked traffic from Lahore to Islamabad at the Maulana Zafar Ali Khan crossroads in Wazirabad, where demonstrations are also taking place.

Senator Ejaz Chaudhry leads the party’s workers and supporters in Lahore.

Karachi police confront violent demonstrators

After demonstrations, Shahrah-Faisal in Karachi has been freed from traffic.

Karachi Police used baton charges and tear gas shells to disperse the demonstrators on the city’s main thoroughfare.

Due to the police baton charge and rush on Shahrah-e-Faisal, PTI legislator Raja Azhar Khan was injured. He pledged to sue SSP South in court.

He continued, “Shelling and rubber bullets cannot knock down our morale.”

However, according to the police, 300 and 500 demonstrators marched into Metropole from the Christian cemetery (Gora Qabaristan). Despite multiple warnings, the demonstrators refused to stop. Finally, the police deployed tear gas to disperse the protestors near Jinnah Hospital Mor.

The police were finally able to disperse the protesters and fully restore vehicular traffic on Shahrah-e-Faisal two hours after the skirmishes.

Near Jinnah Hospital Mor, PTI supporters demonstrated against the assassination attempt on Khan. The police also arrested several protestors, including women.

The lane between Jinnah Hospital Mor and the Metropole light has been closed to all traffic due to the conflict. A second route has also been shut between the Saddar police station and the Metropole signal.

Other cities

In Peshawar, protestors gathered at the Motorway Interchange and blocked it. They are chanting slogans in opposition to the federal government and support of Khan.

Protesting at the Mannan Chowk in Quetta, where provincial leaders are also present, are party members.

In Hyderabad, protesters gather at the Haider intersection, while others congregate at the Kashmir intersection in Tharparkar.

Lodhran’s Milad crossroads has also been shut down because of protests.

Workers are protesting at Mansehra’s Main Bazaar and in Orakzai’s Ghilju Bazar Anjani, Feroze Khel, Headquarters crossroads, and Buland Khel neighborhoods.

PTI employees and allies are leading a demonstration in Kohat.
Multiple locations in Gujrat have been closed to traffic, and PTI employees have blocked the Shaheen Bypass Road.

In Bahawalnagar, Rafiq Shah is the site of demonstrations, while in Rajanpur, supporters are staging sit-ins at Chowk Allahabad, Rojhan, Fazilpur, and Jampur.

In Rajanpur, PTI members have obstructed the Sindh-Punjab border by torching tires, resulting in a prolonged traffic jam.

In Rajanpur, where they had blocked the Indus Highway, party members protested the attack on their leader by chanting anti-attack chants and blocking the Indus Highway.