Punjab Home Minister busts IK lies about Shahbaz Gill torture in Adiala Jail

PTI Chairman Imran Khan claimed that Shahbaz Gill was stripped naked and tortured.

On the other hand, Punjab Law Minister Hashim Dogar exposed Imran Khan claims and categorically rejected his claim.

He along with PTI ministers met with the Shahbaz Gill in Adiala Jail and later talking to media persons said that Shahbaz Gill is perfectly fine and he wasn’t tortured.

Dogar said it was out of questions that anyone could torture Gill.

Imran Khan condemns Shahbaz Gill mutiny statement about Pakistan Army

Now the question arises that why Imran Khan categorically maintained a white lie on a national television when the provincial law minister said it wasn’t the case.

“Shahbaz Gill is perfectly alright in the jail. He is the prisoner of the federal government and the Punjab government has no authority to cut short his imprisonment,” Dogar told the media after visiting the Central Jail Adiala in Rawalpindi on Tuesday where Gill is imprisoned.