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Putin: Forming ‘Truly Inclusive Afghan Govt’ is Priority

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Russian President Vladmir Putin said that the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is a priority for Russia and the countries of the region.

Vladmir Putin at the Collective Security Treaty Organization meeting held on Wednesday in Yerevan, Armenia, said that Russia will cooperate to stabilize Afghanistan.

Putin said the priority now is “to ensure the formation of a truly inclusive Afghan government, which will include representatives of all ethnic groups at the right level.”

Russia considers it necessary to continue close coordination within the CSTO on all key aspects of the Afghan issue, Putin said.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate said that the Afghanistan government is an inclusive government and the international community should not interfere with Afghanistan’s internal issues.

“The formation of the system and the formation of the government and an inclusive government is an internal issue and the Islamic Emirate as a current government will take decisions for our people,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for Islamic Emirate.

Several political analysts said that an inclusive government is more useful for the people of Afghanistan.

“The countries that want an inclusive government have their own goals, but the Islamic Emirate has to to interact with the international community,” said Aziz Stanikzai, political analyst.

Putin at the meeting said that the risk of militants of various international terrorist organizations infiltrating the territory of the CSTO member states is still high.

But the Islamic Emirate pledged that they will not allow Afghanistan soil to be used against other countries.

The President of Russia, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, the President of Belarus, the President of Kazakhstan, the President of Kyrgyzstan, the President of Tajikistan, and the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization were present at this meeting.