Putin signs Russia’s new naval doctrine

ST. PETERSBURG: President Vladimir Putin signed the new naval doctrine for Russia on the occasion of the annual Navy Day processions, which are held on the last Sunday of July each year. 

The latest naval doctrine of the Kremlin signed by President Putin on July 31 cites the Unites States (U.S.) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as Moscow’s main rivals.

Furthermore, by signing the new doctrine, President Vladimir Putin has officially sanctioned Russia’s setting out to pursue its global maritime ambitions in vital regions i.e. the Arctic and the Black Sea.

In his short speech, he reminded the world that Kremlin has the power and resources to fend-off any potential threat to its integrity and security. Furthermore, the president publicly announced equipping Russia’s navy with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles in the coming months.

The primary aim of the latest Russian naval doctrine is to make Kremlin a ‘great maritime power’. Moreover, the doctrine is based on the belief that the greatest threat to Moscow is the US and NATO’s strategic policy to secure control of the world’s oceans. In addition, the doctrine also views NATO’s eastward expansion near Russia’s borders as a great menace to the integrity of Moscow.

Earlier, a drone attack – allegedly authorized by Ukraine – had disrupted the annual Navy Day celebrations in the Crimean peninsula. The drone stormed into the courtyard of Russia’s Black Sea naval headquarters and left at least five personnel/employees as injured.

The Crimean governor later took to Telegram and announced that the Navy Day festivities have been postponed. He accused Kyiv of sponsoring the attack and wrote that the ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ have spoilt our national holiday.

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