Questions Raised on Safety Features of Toyota Fortuner

17th January 2021: Questions have been raised over the safety features of the Toyota Fortuner 2020.

Fakhara Rizwan has narrated her experience of an accident via Facebook:

She writes on her Facebook post:


I met an accident while driving my *Toyota Fortuner 2020*, on January 16, 2021, near Multan, at around 1800 hrs -’we all were wearing seat belts’

After the collision with a tractor trolley, overloaded with sugarcanes, the vehicle toppled and rolled over multiple times before coming to a stop and caused several injuries to me, my parents, and my daughter Syeda Rubab Aali and little Shahenshah.

*To a shocking surprise, none of the airbags opened despite the most forceful impact on the front side*, damaging the front roof and bonnet which could’ve saved my father and me from sustaining severe injuries.

*Toyota Fortuner is a highly-priced SUV worth ~PKR 9 million and claimed by Indus Motor Company as having best comfort and safety features!*

As we all know the monopoly of companies like Toyota in Pakistan leave people with no choice but to buy their vehicles, which are not only expensive but there is very poor compliance in ensuring the safety features by the company and it seems no safety tests performed, risking precious lives!

I wonder what would be the safety standards with lower category vehicles? Masses are at such great risk at all time!

Is there any Automobile
Regulator, or Ministry of Industries, Engineering Boards, Policymakers, Competition Commission, the Hon’ble PM/Hon’ble Courts who could make sure safety standards being enforced by these so-called top automakers that are not only fleecing customers with money but also not providing the needed safety to human lives?

Who will punish them for such grave negligence?

Dr Fakhara Rizwan


She has also shared photographs of the car in question:

Image Credits: Dr Fakhara Rizwan
Image Credits: Dr Fakhara Rizwan
Image Credits: Dr Fakhara Rizwan

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