Quetta residents have one day to vacate their houses

 Quetta colony residents were annoyed after being given one day’s short eviction notices for the extension of a road near their houses.

The district administration of Quetta has said that more than 20 houses will be demolished for the extension of road.

A resident of Quetta colony asked a question from rulers “We have been living here for years. Where should we go now?”

Some people of Quetta colony shown objections by saying that they are not being compensated what they were promised to do. “The money we are getting for our houses is far lower than the market value,” a man said.

The administration of Quetta District, however, has said that the project is one year old,they had issued notices to the residents before as well and many times we have send them notices.

The Quetta Development Authority is constructing different roads. They are constructing a 105-foot wide road to link Isphani Road with Sabzal Road.

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