Qureshi urges world to hold India accountable for ‘gruesome torture’ on Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD, Aug 30 (APP):Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday said innocent Kashmiris
were facing unprecedented abuse under illegal Indian occupation and called upon the world to hold India accountable for gruesome torture on civilians.

The foreign minister in a tweet said protection from torture was a ‘jus cogens’ (compelling law) international norm, prohibited in absolute terms by Convention Against Torture, Common Article 3 of Geneva Conventions and customary international humanitarian law.

The foreign minister also shared the link of an article by BBC journalist, where he “unmasked the gruesome torture on Kashmiri civilians”.

Journalist Sameer Hashmi in his article titled ‘Don’t beat us, just shoot us’: Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown’ quoted several villagers in Occupied Kashmir who said “they were beaten with sticks and cables, and given electric shocks”.

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