Radio Transmissions along LoC, Deadlier Than a Missile Attack

Government of India has abolished the special status of occupied Kashmir, curfew is imposed in Kashmir and Kashmiris are not allowed to leave their homes. Moreover, the internet and mobile services are also suspended and newspapers have not been published for four days. In this situation it is necessary for Pakistan to install heavy duty radio transmitters on the Line of Control (LoC) and send a message of solidarity to the Kashmiris.

Indian President Signed a bill to Abolish Article 370

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, India has violated the international laws by abolishing the special status of occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has also suspended their diplomatic ties with the neighboring country.

In a tweet reacting towards the Indian atrocities in Kashmir, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that in case of any misadventure from India, Pakistani reaction would be way stronger than that of February 27.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says Indian sanctions in Kashmir are worrying and the tensions between the two countries should be reduced. Indian-led measures could lead to a human rights tragedy in the region.

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Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says we are concerned that India may play a Pulwama-style play to gain sympathy and we are raising the Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council.

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser, in a letter to 189 countries of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, informed about the latest situation and Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir.

Indian army plans to attack Azad Kashmir

A meeting of Pakistan’s National Security Council was also held in which it was decided to cut off diplomatic relations with India. Moreover, in a joint session of the Parliament members of the government and the opposition united and showed solidarity with the Kashmiris.

Although the steps taken by Pakistan for Kashmiris are precise and a large number of Kashmiris living in occupied Jammu and Kashmir due to the curfew, army deployment, suspension of mobile and internet, discontinuation in the printing of newspapers are unaware of the Pakistani stance. In this situation, Pakistan needs to launch Radio Jammu Kashmir to convey its message to the Kashmiris in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Heavy transmitters should be installed throughout the LoC so that radio service can be accessed to the Kashmiris.

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Radio Jammu and Kashmir should be launched in two languages, English and Kashmiri and a twenty-four hours broadcast should run on Radio Jammu and Kashmir. It should also be run on FM short-wave and medium-wave as FM can be easily accessed on mobile phones.

The inhabitants of occupied Kashmir due to the suspension of internet and mobile services are unaware about Indian atrocities in Kashmir and the stance of Pakistan and international community on them. It should be said that the Pakistani nation is with them, it will raise the morale of Kashmiris and the radio transmissions will play the part of missiles in the occupied territory.

Radio Jammu and Kashmir should announce that not only the tribal people who went to Kashmir for help in 1947 but also the people of Punjab have come out to help Kashmiris. On hearing the radio transmission at the LoC, the morale of Kashmiris would definitely rise while bring fear in the hearts of the Indian armed forces.

The Government of Pakistan should immediately launch Radio Jammu and Kashmir to give a message of solidarity to the Kashmiris and encourage them.

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