Rain delays toss, wet outfield will see delay in match

Heavy rains in city has delayed the toss of the first ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Friday.

The shower, started at around 1:20pm local time turned into heavy rainfall with thunderstorm later in the day.

An official or PCB conformed that the toss has been delayed and the new schedule will be announced once the ground is handed over to the match officials.

The toss was originally scheduled to be held at 2:30pm local time with the first ball being scheduled to be bowled at 3:00pm.

Rain water has accumulated in the outfield of the National Stadium, indicating an untimely start.

“There’s rain water accumulated and rain is sill going on. Toss time will be decided once the rain stops and outfield is cleared and when the stadium is handed over to match officials,” said an official of PCB

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