Rainfall predicted in Karachi and interior Sindh

SINDH: Rainfall has been predicted in Karachi and various parts of Sindh as part of the monsoon season’s first wave, chief meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz said on Thursday.

The chief meteorologist told Dawn.com that rainfall was likely to occur in the province tonight. He added that Karachi is likely to experience monsoon rains by July 2.

He said that during this wave, Karachi may witness thundershowers between July 3 and July 5, and it could lead to urban flooding in the city’s low-lying areas.

Sardar Sarfraz said that dusty winds and windstorms are also likely to occur right before the rainfall in Karachi. He added that the winds could cause damage to the city’s already fragile infrastructure.

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He further urged the fishermen to take caution as the sea conditions would not be favorable in midst of the storms and rainfall that is likely to occur in Karachi by July 2.

Sarfraz said that various areas of Sindh are likely to witness monsoon rains between July 1 and July 15. However, Karachi was likely to experience rain under the second monsoon wave on July 7 or July 8.

On June 23, Karachi had witnessed sudden and unexpected pre-monsoon showers. The rainfall led to roads being slippery and various parts of Karachi experienced long hours without electricity as a result of the rainfall. Moreover, four people, including three children, were reported dead due to incidents occurring as a result of the rainfall.