I remember the way I was dressed on the day I was raped. It was a simple dress. My feet were clad with little white socks and shoes. I remember. Because as I climbed the stairs back to our second floor apartment it seemed I was detached from my body and watching my escape from the base of the stairs.

Many pleasant days had been spent in the downstairs unit with a loving neighbor and her husband. He sent her out to buy sweets for me. It is on that day I discovered that I wasn’t a princess. Life was not a fairy tale. Lacking sufficient vocabulary skills, I could not tell my parents what had been done to me, that which I did not understand, but innately knew was against God’s law. On that day, something of both the divine and the humane were stripped from my soul.

God knows. At four months the soul is sent into the body. But prior to that, a spinal column forms, a beating heart, and the sex of the child is determined. So He is intimately aware of our frame. But He is also intimately aware of our condition. For that reason, God sent down his law.

To dress modestly, in the English language, means to not draw attention to oneself. The beauty of womanhood can be on full display among even the poorest of women. The only boast of a poor man might be that he has a lovely wife. But such displays can never be blamed for the crime of rape.

Old women are assaulted. Long past the time when they wore the hijab in prior decades. They are assaulted on their beds and wearing their bed clothes. Married women are raped by a father-in-law. A student can be attacked by a teacher. And a mother still suckling a child can suffer rape when the assailant leverages his position by threatening the baby. Rape is a crime. It is a crime against the individual. And the act is so despicable, so debase, that society must rise up and respond.

What about the rape of little boys? Some rapists are not choosy. What did the little boy wear that caused a stronger predator to assault him? Homosexual rape is the most hidden of crimes. As a parent you will never know if your son has suffered such indignity. To preserve family honor, your son will shoulder the memory for the remainder of his days.

PM Imran Khan states, “… not everyone has the willpower to avoid it.” It is time to move to what is called the test of the logical man. If crime and punishment is based on will-power, then I should never be locked up for stealing a box of chocolates from my favorite Belgian cafe in Dallas. (Neuhaus) The man who pockets a gold watch from a jewelry store merely lacked the willpower to resist the temptation. You get the point. Rape is not about lack of willpower. It is about an individual’s lack of struggle with the darkest corner of their soul; it is about rage. And it certainly is about the control and degradation of the victim.

What are the policy solutions needed to address this particular crime?

Law Enforcement:

First and foremost, a society must be anchored with policies which encourage women to report out on their rape. It progresses to vigorous training of police department officers regarding procedures which are non-judgmental and streamline a process for creating a physical record of the assault. It begins with each police district hiring and training women to serve as advocates for rape victims.


The suggestion made by this journalist is to educate the mothers first. Educate the women regarding their rights. Then educate the women and their daughters in joint fashion with age appropriate conversations. Educate your men. And then educate their sons regarding the crime of rape.

Rape Exams and DNA Collection:

You are not there yet. But with eyes envisioning the future you should aspire to a goal of forensic intervention in rape. Your law requires four witnesses for rape. God, in his mercy, has given you millions of witnesses in a simple DNA sample. Apply the science from the God who created science.

The Part Played by Journalists:

Be brave! As journalists, the gift within our hands is meant to reach out in honest manner and touch the lives of those who drink from the well of our words. Today, I have chosen to share a very tender and still-wounded part of my feminine heart with you.

Be brave.


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