Raza Rabbani demands President Alvi to resign as he fails to perform his duties

Senator Mian Raza Rabbani Saturday demanded the resignation of President Arif Alvi for failing to fulfill his duties and services as the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces.

In a press statement issued, Rabbani said that under Article 243(2), Constitution, 1973, the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces is the President of Pakistan.


“If by reason of his political affiliation, which he should have shed when he assumed this office, he is unable to perform his functions as Supreme Commander he should immediately resign.”

“The Supreme Commander, being advised or for any other reason, not attending the funeral of the Army helicopter martyrs, is a matter of deep concern.”

“The Officers martyred in the crash constitute the highest echelons of the Army Command. The failure of the President to perform his duties and functions is regrettable.”

“The incumbent continues to be a worker of the PTI and has failed to grow into the Office of the President of Pakistan. This is not the first time the incumbent President’s political affiliation has stood in the way of his Presidential duties and functions.”

He acted contrary to law when the Presidency obstructed Parliament from performing its function of legislation by the more excecutive use of Article 89, Constitution, 1973.

“Violated the will of Parliament by re promulgation of the PMDC Ordinance which had been disapproved by the Senate under Article 89, Constitution, 1973.”

“Acted on advice not in accordance with the law, in the appointment of heads of various institutions, which were set aside by Courts of law.”

“Sent ill-advice References under Article 209, Constitution, 1973, against Judges of the superior courts, which were set aside by the Courts.”

“Issued a Notification of a Member of the NFC from Balochistan which was set aside.”

“Dissolved the National Assembly on the advice of a Prime Minister who was suffering from a disqualification under Article 95, Constitution, 1973.”

Rabbani concluded, “It is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Raza Rabbani is the song of Atta Rabbani who served as the first Aide-de Camp of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.