Reconciliation between Iran & Saudi Arabia to benefit Pakistan

Reconciliation between Iran & Saudi Arabia to benefit Pakistan | Baaghi TV

Sunni-Shia rivalry has always created sectarian violence in Pakistan.  Both Saudi Arabia & Iran has used Pakistan’s turf to increase their outreach and influence using the religious card to increase their geopolitical interests.

The agreement between both, courtesy China, can go a long way in fizzling the rivalry between the two major sects of Pakistan. A welcome decision as Pakistan houses the greatest number of Shia community after Iran. It should hopefully lead to better religious tolerance between both.

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It will help Pakistan maintain a more balanced relationship between the two nations. As things stand, Saudi Arab has financially been very helpful to Pakistan whereas Iran is a regional trading partner.

Saudi Arabia has been one of the strongest supporters of Pakistan. They go back a long way together with Saudi Arab being among the first UN member states to recognize Pakistan. Chapters can be written on the support it has always extended to Pakistan, both diplomatically & financially. Millions of Pakistanis are currently employed in different capacities in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani soldiers have been stationed since as early as 1960s to protect the kingdom.

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According to official sources, volume of trade between Iran & Pakistan is US $392.08 million, this includes $22.86 million worth of goods Pakistan exports to Iran. This comprises of vegetables, chemicals, fruits, meat, rice. Iran exports to Pakistan chemical products, hides, skins, iron ore.

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For Pakistan improved relationship with Iran will help in making the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the larger Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) a success.

However, Israel may see the agreement as U.S giving space to growing strength of China as the agreement will help reduce Iran’s global isolation. Israel or pro-Israel elements may try to create hurdles in the implementation of the agreement reached making coming times critical.

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