Red Cross: International community sanctions provoke in Afghanistan

KABUL: International community’s sanctions are provoking in Afghanistan.

In a statement issued after a six-day visit to Afghanistan, Dominic Stilthart, director of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), said: “I am appalled by this situation.”

Dominic Stilthart, director of the International Community of the Red Cross, said: “We’ve seen pictures of children leaning like bones, which is frightening.” Yes, you can see the empty eyes of the hungry children and the sad faces of the parents. These conditions are outrageous.

Dominique Stilthart, director of the International Community of the Red Cross, said the situation was “outrageous” because citizens were suffering.

The United Nations has warned that at least 22 million Afghans, or about half of the nation, will face a “severe” food crisis in the winter, due to a combination of global warming and the economic crisis that plagued the Taliban in August. Have come to the fore after the occupation of

The financial crisis in Afghanistan has erupted after Washington froze ڈالر 10 billion in Kabul assets and cut off access to international monetary funds, including the World Bank.

Stillhart warns that economic sanctions “mean punishing those in power, not depriving millions of people in Afghanistan of their basic necessities.” Dominic Stillhart said: “The international community is turning away because the country is on the brink of a man-made catastrophe.” I am suffering and withholding bilateral aid.

Still Heart warned that the situation was deteriorating due to growing malnutrition. The ICRC warns that there is a growing need for assistance from humanitarian organizations as many countries and banks fear violations of UN Security Council resolutions. Director Dominic Stillthart said the ICRC had called on independent humanitarian organizations to work together on humanitarian issues.

He said the ICRC itself was taking steps to help Afghanistan, adding that “it is in everyone’s interest to start a humanitarian activity and run Afghanistan smoothly.”

Still Heart said the organization, among other needs, has begun cooperating with 18 regional and provincial hospitals, which will cover all costs, including medical equipment for the next six months.

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