Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore wanted by the FBI

Lahore, 29th January: A Pakistani surgeon wanted by the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues to practise in a hospital in Pakistan.

BaaghiTV: Dr Abu Bakar Atiq Durrani, who is currently practising at a well-know hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, is wanted by the FBI.

He claims to be one of the highest qualified orthopaedic and spinal surgeons of Pakistan, but he has also been on the wanted list of the US for healthcare fraud and medical malpractices since he fled from there to escape a trial.

As per reports, Dr Durrani was one of the top-earning physicians in Cincinnati, America, who fled the US territory via Mexica on his Pakistani passport, as his American passport was confiscated by the US court.

According to reports, he is accused of carrying out fake surgical procedures on the US citizens.

At the time the citizens did not require the surgeries, but the alleged doctor unnecessarily conducted medical procedures on his patients, causing them bodily harm and damage to their wealth.

A US federal court has fined Dr Durrani $1.77 million. The American hospital that he worked for had to pay a fine of $4.1 million for Dr Durrani’s unethical practices.

It should be noted that the alleged doctor was also arrested for forgery but got released on bail. However, the US court confiscated his passport.

As per reports, he is now serving in one of the most elite hospitals, the Doctors Hospital and another by the name of Farooq Hospital in Lahore.

According to the news published in The News in Nov 2018, his licence was suspended by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) whereas Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) was considering action against the elite hospital for allowing him to continue the practice.

A notice was served but the hospital was dilly-dallying the response. But according to the latest reports of Baaghi TV, Dr Durrani is still serving in Doctors Hospital.

Dr Durrani had gone to the United States in 2013 and from there he managed to flee to Mexico and then to Pakistan in February 2020.

Concerned authorities should take immediate notice. It is a matter of high concern, how such a doctor can play with the lives of the patients!

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