#resignshafqatmehmood Becomes Top Trend


The most important thing on Twitter today is the top trend of resignation of Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood demanded by students and other citizens.

A user named Aleeha says why don’t you understand that our lives are in danger because of your wrong decisions, and then you went to court and kept arguing in support of your position.


Aliha says that it is time for you to resign now and go home.


Eesha Batool Bukhari says we should not remain silent on this issue, it is a matter of our lives, and if the federal minister does not realize that, he should resign.

Anas Saeed says that you did not realize the danger you had put us in to by holding these exams. Now leave the ministry and go home.

A user named Fateh writes that it was necessary to cancel the exams but Shafqat Mahmood came in the way and then when he saw the result, he had to postpone it.

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