Riot Games, Community Gaming Team Up for VALORANT Elite Showdown

Riot Games and Community Gaming Joins Forces!

The VALORANT Elite Showdown will be held on the Community Gaming esports competition platform in partnership with game producer Riot Games.

The prize pool for the North American tier two event, which begins on November 5th with open qualifications, is $25,000 (£18,108). To make it to the finals, 32 teams must first qualify through the open qualifications. Among the 32 teams invited to play, 32 teams from across the world, such as Andbox and T1 and teams like Immortals, Renegades and C9.

Teams will compete in a GSL Groups style into a single-elimination bracket on November 11th for the main event. The top prize in this event is worth $10,000 (£7,243).

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In addition, VALORANT’s official twitch channel will stream the entire event live. Several esports commentators, including Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia and Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson, have already been named for the broadcasts.

According to the press release, “VALORANT Elite Showdown is the latest example of Community Gaming’s trailblazing efforts in the grassroots VALORANT ecosystem. For example, the Valorant Weekly Contenders Circuit has implemented an agent ban, while the Community Gaming team has organised BrookLAN events using Andbox.

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The Community Gaming and Moonton partnership for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang LATAM series is separate from VALORANT. The startup also obtained $2.3 million in initial capital earlier this year (£1.67 million).

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