Road blocks for PTI lead Government and the PM

It appears to us that mere sincerity and dedication are not sufficient for a turn around for the country. PMs efforts to nab the mafias which is so deep routed that even a previous PM was dubbed as Scicellian Mafia by our Apex Court.

We heard of drug mafias, weapons mafias and human trafficking mafia etc around the world but the mafias working in our country are the ones depriving the populous of basic utilities and the commodities. Imagine Sugar Mafia, Oil Mafia, Power Mafia, Gas Mafia, Qabza Mafia and just go on for any of the commodities.

Where on the face of earth you find a mafia for working against the day to day living of the common people?

These Mafias have penetrated in each and every level of governance in the country.
One person known as Imran Khan alone cannot fix everything and we as a nation need to stand against all the high handedness.


1. By saying no to Corruption.

2. Demanding legislation for executing corrupts, i.e death penalty for Corruption.

3. By boycotting purchases of commodities without which the life will not end.

4. By standing firm against the corruption and high handedness of uncontrolled Government Officials and reporting them on PMs portal with video, photo and documentary evidence where possible.

5. By making video footage of corruption and mal practices and making them viral with name and shame message.

6. If we do not have the courage to do anything mentioned above, the least we can do is that we do not do anything against the law and do our job religiously and a bad thing be considered as bad and should not have it’s acceptability in our hearts.

7. Society will only develop and the country will flourish if we all decide to just do the job or work that we are doing on it’s merit and perform our duties religiously.

To conclude I must say that we crib against everyone including our heads of state that what did they do for us?

Ask yourself, what did you do for the country?

Mostly will say oh, we are not in a position to do something. Pity on you, who says this. You have done everything for the country if you just performed your duties as needed.


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