RSS extremist ideology takes over nuclear armed India: PM

ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday once again reminded the world community that an extremist ideology Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) had taken over India, a nuclear-armed country of over a billion people.

On his twitter account, the prime minister posted that RSS was an ideology based on racial superiority, hatred of Muslims & all minorities. “Whenever this genie has come out of the bottle, it has always led to bloodshed,” he added.

The prime minister also tagged a report appeared in the renowned UK daily the ‘Times’ titled ‘India is a Hindu state now — we are second-class citizens’ depicting plight of Muslim minority in India. It said a controversial new citizenship law rammed through Indian parliament last month which prompted huge protests by Muslims — and brutal police crackdown.

In the face of widespread opposition and strong protests, the Indian home ministry issued a notification on Friday, making the most controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) to come into effect.

The hugely controversial CAA envisaged citizenship to six non-Muslim communities settled in India from the neighbouring countries till December 31, 2014, has stocked widespread violent protests across India against Modi’s led BJP government and joined by students, different communities, political parties, filmstars, civil society and intellectuals.

The controversial amendment is seen as part of the Indian government’s extremist agenda of persecuting the Muslim minority. In different states, the Muslims are being brutally beaten up, tortured and their properties ransacked by the Indian security personnel to quell the ongoing protests.
According to the latest media reports, thousands of protestors had been detained and arrested.