Rugby Fans Misbehave in Japan

TOKYO (18th Oct, 2019): Foreigners found causing disruption during Rugby World Cup.

According to details, Japan is holding the Rugby World Cup this year. Reportedly fans from across the globe allegedly misbehaved in parts of Japan. Videos of disruptive and misbehaving conduct have gone viral on social media. Causing chaos among other things.

There is a general perception among Japanese people that they are mostly Sober, therefore, during their travel in train, they remain silent to the point that there is no kind of noise and singing. However, as observed in the videos, Rugby fans can be seen disturbing the Japanese people.

Reportedly, Japan have attributed the bad behaviour to scrolling comments. Media yet, they forget that they too were reportedly went overboard when the Japanese sports team won the championships. They even overturned a small truck around Halloween in Shibuya last year. Consequently, Japanese media is engrossed in evaluating the misconduct of the foreigners.

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Be clear that it does not means that Rugby fans should destroy property, whether that’s in Japan or anywhere else.

Japanese TV is discussing the bad behavior of foreigners. On TV Tackle, the panel discussed stores and restaurants should not allowed foreign tourists.

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