Rupani Foundation Striving for Pakistan’s Progress through Childhood and Skill Development

In a country like Pakistan where we have leaps to go, on our path towards success and fulfillment of rights for the marginalized communities, we have organizations such as the Rupani Foundation headed by individuals like Mr. Nasruddin Rupani who work day and night for the progress of Pakistan by means of their humanitarian endeavours.

Chairman Rupani Foundation, Mr. Nasruddin Rupani, is a US based Pakistani philanthropist and successful entrepreneur, who is currently heading multiple institutions within America and Pakistan, respectively. Mr. Rupani holds a passion for community service like no other and constantly focuses to promote his humanitarian values. Currently chairing the Ibn Sina Foundation in the US, a not-for-profit organization, he strives to promote affordable medical care for the underprivileged Muslim community in the US.

Moreover, Mr. Rupani is most praiseworthy for his will to remain connected to and work for his home country by means of the, Rupani Foundation. Additionally, having extensive expertise in managing and nurturing community service institutions in Pakistan makes him one of the most highly respected and sought-after figures in the Pakistani community. Similarly, keeping in lieu with his philanthropist activities in the past, Rupani Foundation works tirelessly for the sustainability of Early Childhood Development (ECD) by partnering with local communities. According to the Chairman and Founder of Rupani Foundation, their aim is to provide equal opportunities to children with focus on mothers long before the birth of the child:

“The philosophy of Rupani is to better society through ECD… no one can deny that all children equally deserve to be provided opportunities” which can happen only when the local communities along with private organizations as well as government and Non-Governmental Organizations come together to put their efforts towards this “noble cause”.

It is very critical that every child should have access to an Early Childhood Development program. Through early childhood we can prepare the child to perform the best in the school and increase the learning capacity of every child.

Nasruddin Rupani Chairman, Rupani Foundation

Referring to Napoleon Bonaparte, Mr. Rupani alluded that good mothers can give you a good nation therefore, to ensure progress in ECD, Rupani Foundation provides special care and training to young mothers.

The Foundation which was started back in 2007 has in the last decade successfully established itself as one of the key quality service providers in skill development and Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) under the leadership of its Chairman, Nasruddin Rupani and Vice Chairman, Ghulam Tahir, respectively. The Foundation strives to work through poverty to provide technical and other skills to help people, especially women. So while people may be unable to enhance their skills due to topographical limitations and isolation, the Foundation aims to create a society that may sustain itself for future generations to come.

Image credit Rupani Foundation.

For this purpose, they initiate programs that may help to improve skills add value to the local production as a collaborative effort of the local, national and international agencies. They offer specific focus on the promotion of a holistic child development experience by means of effective ECD services at the household as well as the communal level.

Moreover, the Rupani Foundation on the basis of extensive research has been able to introduce “evidence-based, culturally and geographically relevant interventions” across parts of Pakistan. As a result they have been able to achieve a rise in the capacities and capabilities of youth with no academic background or financial stability as well as providing them the opportunity and the right to a decent livelihood by means of skill development training in masonry and gem cutting and/or polishing et cetera. The Rupani Foundation has further introduced the ECCE programs in Pakistan hoping to diversify the topography, with the central aim being to inculcate “inclusivity” in the societal backdrop.

The Rupani Foundation further serves to promote self-reliance and resilience in individuals by providing them with developmental assistance through various training programs. Consequently, the Foundation also prides itself for centralizing values such as:

  • Pluralism,
  • Innovation,
  • Diversity,
  • Transformation,

to ensure lasting progress in Pakistan’s development of the social and economic infrastructure.

Image credit Rupani Foundation.

Furthermore, Rupani Foundation has introduced a skill program in Gilgit-Baltistan that focuses on the theme of training youth with marketable skills. The idea being, to provide the youth with opportunities and the zeal to reintroduce and utilize, the locally available resources for the progress of the state. Rupani Foundation is therefore, working on two thematic domains within the Pakistani stratum that will help Pakistan come at par with other global communities in the fight against poverty and promotion of a sustainable society. Rupani Foundation’s major programme interventions are divided as mentioned below.

Ms. Mehtaba who was one of the participants, in her post training reflection has shared her experience in the following words:

We did not know about Early Childhood Development Earlier. Salman Sir introduced us to ECD. Then we came to know about that ECD is about holistic development that includes child’s mental, emotional, social, physical and linguistic development. He taught us about brain development as well; made us understand through presentation on projector so well.

Ms. Mehtaba, Badin, Sindh AW-IP Participant

Early Childhood Development Program:

The values central to this program are inclusivity, quality education, and the promotion of lifelong learning. For which they provide various programs such as the:

  • Agah Walidan (Informed Parents)
  • Family involvement in Child Development
  • Umeed
  • Early Learning Model (Elm)
  • Community Based Agah Walidain Program
  • ECD on Wheels
Image credit Rupani Foundation.
Image credit Rupani Foundation.

Another participant, a grandmother from the Al Noor community shared the following with regards to her experience with Rupani Foundation:

I was against sending my grandchild to this center, not only that I convinced my neighbor lady too. It was implausible how a child not even 3 years old can learn and benefit. But seeing enrolled children at the center responding to directions of their teacher (FSM) and mothers, saying greetings properly, keeping back their toys in shelves, knowing names of so many animals, birds, fruits and most of all so actively doing actions at the same time singing rhymes just amazed me. Now my grand child is going to attend this center; I promise.

Ms. Muniba, Al-Noor, Karachi ECD Session Participant

Skill Development:

  • Gems Cutting and Polishing

With no skills in hand I was not able to earn enough money to support my family. When my mother told me to apply for the training, I thought why not give it a try. I didn’t expect that gems cutting and polishing will be such of an interest. At the beginning understanding the terms was difficult for me. But thanks to our training instructors who were supportive and always help the ones who were new to the trade. The instructors taught us from basics to advance in a very short period. I am thankful to Rupani Foundation and USAID for providing me this opportunity. This training has given a new dimension to my thinking. Now I have a path to struggle on to earn a good living.

Ms. Salima, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan Gems Cutting and Polishing
Image credit Rupani Foundation.
Image credit Rupani Foundation.
  • Training in Stone Masonry

To ensure that their goals are met, the Rupani Foundation has partnered with different government agencies and donors including provincial governments, civil society, and the private sector organizations to provide “equitable access to inclusive, quality education for all – especially the most marginalized and vulnerable”.

They have recently collaborated with Plan International for the development of learning and stimulation manual for children from preconception to 3 years of age. This manual will serve to aid teachers, parents and/or caregivers alike associated with the ECCE.

The training was very fascinating and interesting for me, you shape an ugly and rough stone into a fine precious gemstone which has a worth in the market. This training is like a sparkle to change my destiny. Now I have a clear vision.

Ms Jamial, Ghanish, Hunza Gems Cutting and Polishing
Image credit Rupani Foundation. Map highlighting intervention areas.
Image credit Rupani Foundation.


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