Rupee Devaluation: Oppo considers setting up manufacturing facility in Pakistan

Due totaxation and Rupee devaluation, decision is still pending

Chinese smartphone company Oppo Mobile Telecommunication’s Marketing Director for Pakistan, Ali Kakvi briefed the journalists that the decision of setting up smartphone manufacturing facility in Pakistan, was still pending.

The decision is still pending due to the fluctuation of exchange rate of currency and heavy taxation.

The global business index research by Canalys, the company managed to have 27% to 25% share in Pakistan’s market, ahead of Samsung with 23% and 19%, Huawei 3% and 15% and Vivo with 10% and 13% market shares.

The import of smartphone declined with the devaluation of currency as in 2018, Pakistan imported about 1.1 million units and fell to 0.7 million smartphones in 2019.

The increase in prices caused the customers to switch to other brand with low rates of smartphones.

The customers’ choices had been fluctuating with the fluctuating inflation, he added, the smartphones, which were about $200 previously, had been sold at a higher rate of $250 to $300.

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