Russia begins recruiting US-trained Afghan commandos

During its 20-year stay in Afghanistan, the United States provided thousands of Afghan commandos with advanced combat training. Last year, the US forces left Afghanistan and the Taliban took control of the country. 

Thousands of Afghan army personnel fled to other countries. A significant number of American-trained Afghan commandos arrived in Iran to seek refuge. The American news agency has claimed that Russia is now recruiting these commandos to use in the war in Ukraine.

These commandos are being paid a monthly salary of 1500 dollars (more than one hundred and three hundred thousand Pakistani rupees) by the United States. While their families will also be given safe residences.

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AP has given this news based on the information received from three former Afghan generals. One of them, General Abdul Rauf, said that the Afghan commandos do not want to go to fight the war, but they have no other option, they are afraid of being deported from Iran to Afghanistan along with their families.

Abdul Rauf is in touch with about a dozen Afghan commandos. According to him, the Afghan commandos are afraid that the Taliban will kill them if they are sent back to Afghanistan. The Afghan general said that the Indian Wagner group of former commandos is doing it.

Another Afghan general Habitullah Alizai, who was the last head of the Afghan army before the Taliban took control, said an Afghan special forces commander was also involved in the recruitment process. This commander currently resides in Russia and speaks Russian.

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According to AP, US soldiers had previously warned their government that US-trained soldiers left in Afghanistan would be killed by the Taliban or join the US’s enemies.

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