Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov accuses Western politicians of fixating on nuclear war

Mar 3, 2022: According to a report by Reuters, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday accused Western politicians of fixating on nuclear war, one week after Moscow launched the invasion of Ukraine.

“It’s clear that World War Three can only be a nuclear war,” Lavrov said in an online interview with Russian and foreign media.

“I would like to point out that it’s in the heads of Western politicians that the idea of a nuclear war is spinning constantly, and not in the heads of Russians,” he said.

“Therefore I assure you that we will not allow any provocations to throw us off balance,” Lavrov added.

“In their time, both Napoleon and Hitler set themselves the task of subjugating Europe. Now the Americans have subdued it,” Lavrov said.

Moscow has the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and a large stockpile of ballistic missiles, which are the backbone of the country’s deterrence forces. Putin last week announced an offensive in Ukraine to defend separatists in the east of the country, and called his pro-Western neighbor “non-military and inactive.”

The foreign minister also accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an ethnic Jew, of “presiding over a society where Nazism is flourishing.” He said he had no doubt that a solution to the Ukraine crisis would be found and that a new round of talks between Ukrainian and Russian officials was about to begin.

Lavrov said Russia’s talks with the West should be based on mutual respect, accusing NATO of trying to maintain its supremacy and saying that while Russia has a lot of goodwill, it cannot allow anyone to harm their interests.

He said Moscow would not allow Ukraine to have the infrastructure to pose a threat to Russia. Moscow could not bear the fact that it was a military threat from Ukraine, saying it believed Russia had a right to Ukraine. Ukrainian officials have accused Russian forces of targeting civilian areas, but Lavrov said Russian troops have strict orders to use high-precision weapons to destroy military infrastructure.

Lavrov said Russia had information that the United States was worried about the prospect of losing control over what he described as chemical and biological laboratories in Ukraine and accused Britain of building military bases there.

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