Sad day in the history of aviation

Baaghi TV: This is a very sad day for the 100 year old industry in the world of aviation when Virgin Airways laid off more than 3,000 people, including 600 pilots.

Aviation companies are allegedly firing their employees because of bankruptcy.

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Thai Airways, Air Mauritius management, South African airlines all face bankruptcy. Finair Airlines returned 12 aircraft and evacuated 2,400 people. Rainier shot down 113 planes and 900 pilots lost their jobs.

The Norwegian Air has completely suspended its long air activity. The SAS returned 14 aircraft and fired 520 pilots.

The Scandinavian states are studying plans to eliminate Norwegian Airlines and SAS from their ashes to rebuild a new company.

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Etihad Airways cancelled 18 orders for A350, grounded 10 A380 and 10 Boeing 787. 720 staff shipped on vacation. Emirates Airways flew 38 A380s and canceled all orders for the Boeing 777X (150 aircraft, the largest of its kind). They sent an “invite” to all employees over the age of 56 to retire.

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Weiss air sent 1,200 people home, including 200 pilots. Another wave of 430 vacations planned in the coming months! The rest of the employees will have to endure a 30% reduction in their wages. Since Corona, airlines have not been able to cope, and are firing their employees on an alarming scale.

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