No actor can achieve instant success: Saima Noor

Pakistani actress Saima Noor, who appears in films and television dramas, said in an interview that no actor can achieve instant success.

She said that I’m elated that the Pakistani film industry is seeing new faces and those who are working are doing very well and their work will improve over time. “Doing any work continuously improves it and it never happens that someone comes into the film industry and gets success from the very first day or the first film”

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Saima looked back into the past and said , I always worked very hard , whether it was a big screen or small, and Allah rewarded me for it.

“The Pakistani film industry will achieve its position by setting the stage for development” Saima Noor added. She further stated that “I have always done something that my fans liked and never chose a script that even my fans regret why Saima Noor did such a film”.

It may be recalled that Saima Noor’s recent film Bajre Di Rakhi was released and the film did not achieve much success but her fans were delighted to see Saima appearing on the big screen.