Salahuddin suffered torture before his death

According to the forensic report, Salahuddin died at the hands of police due to physical and mental torture.

LAHORE: Salahuddin was murdered under police custody weak ago.He was brutally tortured.A latest forensic report released on Tuesday, which said that Salahuddin was mentally and physically tortured before his death. As the report says, “torture marks were present on his arm and left part of the stomach, whereas, blood clots were also found on the other parts of his body due to torture”.

Forensic Report Of Salahudin.

The Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) further confirmed that Salahuddin died due to custodial torture.  PFSA reports confirm that Salahuddin was tortured on seven different places, he might have electric shocks, and some poisonous item used on him.

The postmortem report of a victim was conducted by the medical board and they agreed that the marks on the body of Salahuddin were “ante-mortem (occurring before death) in nature and caused by blunt means — confirming ante-mortem physical violence”.


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