Samantha Markle continues to rant against Meghan


The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, does not seem to be happy about Meghan getting into the Royal family. Samantha, in yet another episode of publicly shaming Meghan, called her “callous” and a “disgrace to the Markle family name”. Talking to The Daily Star, she commented on Meghan and Harry’s son, Archie’s christening ceremony, saying that everything about it looked fake and photoshopped. She further blamed the Duchess for trading an entire family to be royal.

Samantha’s remarks on Meghan’s ‘non-Christen’ behavior exuded her bitterness as she described her surprise on the church not catching fire when Meghan walked into it.

She used Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast as a metaphor to refer to Archie’s situation, saying that Archie is beautiful, however the circumstances surrounding his christening and Meghan’s cold callousness is the beast.

Samantha also expressed the wish to meet Archie when he escapes his mother’s clutches, hoping that he grows up to be a flaming liberal who will meet his maternal family himself before everyone passes away.

It is not the first time, the Duchess’ half-sister has spewed burning criticism for her. Samantha, whose anger mainly comes from the Markle family not being involved in choices and events in Meghan’s life, is often found ranting against Meghan for disrespecting the family. The Markles, who have been estranged by Meghan years ago, in attempts to have a reunion with her often use tactics such as involving media and smearing her in the press. Their father Thomas Markle revealed Meghan’s private conversations with him and details about her pre-royal life. Her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. in a tone much lighter than his sister, Samantha, keeps calling out Meghan for ignoring her father and asking her to let them into her life. Samantha, however, straightforwardly declared to blame Meghan if their father died.

While their father’s reaction to not being invited to Archie’s christening was not outrageous at all, Samantha continues to be bitter about it even a month after the event took place. Apparently, putting one’s own happiness first and making independent choices brings disgrace to the family, even if those choices make you the daughter-in-law of the Royal family.

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