Sanam Jang about to Divorce her Husband

Baaghi TV: As the year 2021 begins, news of divorce between actress and host Sanam Jang and her husband is going viral.

Rebel TV: Last year, news of the separation of Urva Hussain and Farhan Saeed, Feroz Khan and Aliza Sultan went viral. Interestingly, Feroz Khan and Aliza Sultan also did not comment on the rumors of their separation and divorce.

Nor did singer Farhan Saeed and actress Urva Hussain issue any explanation for their separation and so far the two couples have not shared photos together on social media.

While the separation between Farhan Saeed and Urva Hussain and Feroz Khan and Aliza Sultan could not be confirmed or denied, now the news of actress Sanam Jang’s divorce is also circulating on social media.

News of Sanam Jang’s divorce started circulating when she shared her lonely photo on Instagram on January 1, 2021.

The actress shared her lone photo of herself drinking coffee on Instagram and wrote that she was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee and saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming 2021. She also prayed that the new year would be better for all Prove to be full of happiness.

Fans started commenting on the lonely photos of the actress and speculated that Sanam Jang has also been divorced.

While some fans mentioned the actress and asked if she was really divorced, some fans answered the questioners that they have also heard that the actress is divorced.

News of the actress’ divorce has also been shared on various social media pages.

It should be noted that Sanam Jang was married to Syed Abdul Qassam Jafari in early 2016, who has nothing to do with showbiz.

Sanam Jang gave birth to her first daughter at the end of 2016 and last year the actress and her daughter Alia Jaffery were also diagnosed with corona, but both recovered in 2 weeks.

Sanam Jang started her career working in an advertisement, after which she worked as a VJ on Play TV. Sanam also acted in several dramas in her career, including ‘Dil Maztar’, ‘Mohabbat’. ‘Morning Star’, ‘My Friend, My Friend’ and ‘Farewell’, however, and they gained a lot of fame due to their morning show

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